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Drawing own Gopher

I don’t often do things which require a blog but this time I came with something very touching.

I’ve been a Go developer for quite a long time now, I remember younger myself trying to understand channels back in 2012 and while I was growing up also the language was.

So, dear Go, I think that we grew up together. Sort of.

And, dear Go, we have a lot in common, like:

Anyway, let’s stop digressions and let’s go straight to the thing.

Today I elaborated this Manifesto:

With this in mind and while being perfectly aware of my actions and of the fact that Gophers are cute, I started drawing a Gopher that could represent myself.

Finding an idea

An idea is fundamental, everything is driven by an idea and my Gopher couldn’t have been less.

At this point I started looking at my old avatar, The Old Man, and KABOOOOOOM.

It says:

It’s dangerous to GO alone! Take this

It's dangerous to go alone

There’s no need to waste applauses! Thank you!



After a few hours of complimenting with myself for the idea I started drawing some sketches for my Gopher, I’m actually very bad ad drawing (I’m good at ideas though) and this was my best.



I obviously opted for grid paper to draw (because I’m n00b at drawing, but good at ideas) and that needed some love in post-production.


trace bitmap

That tool is just Magic!


Finishing up and coloring

After all the polishing I had to remove all the guidelines I drew for proportions and after some shape arranging and coloring here’s the result!

final gopher

It’s nothing special but now I have something unique I created and the Gryffindor house got 5 points because today I did something different than just coding and my girlfriend had fun too and the whole SVG it’s open source!